Ph.D. Programme

Institute conducts Ph.D. programme under the collaborative scheme with IGNTU, Amarkanatak.

Research Policies and Guidelines

Institute conduct research projects for Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, various state governments, state govt. Tourism corporations and Tourism development Boards.

IITTM faculty also do research and consultancy on individual level.

Research Training Fellowship

The reputation of the institute owes to not only for its uniquely designed courses, pedagogy, management development programmes ( MDPs), more particularly the informal sector, having a team of qualified, experience of working in industry, international travel exposure and highly motivated faculty with diverse disciplinary background. The Institute is proud of its academic environment, which gives ample freedom to the faculty in their pursuit of academic excellence and research works which are focused on fostering the knowledge creation, which can benefit the tourism business and equally the socio-economic development. The knowledge created by the faculty also contributes to enriching the course content and its delivery.

The core of research at IITTM is inter-disciplinary, linking the business world with the fast evolving technological and social world. The research is conducted with the objective of fostering socially and ethical based business practices. The major research areas are Tourism & it’s Management, Tourism Policy and Development, Communication Management, rural tourism, medical tourism, adventure tourism, tourists behavior, heritage tourism, architecture and planning, design thinking and Environment Management. The project funding/sponsorship come from various sources like the government, PSU’s and other agencies like AICTE, state govts., ICSSR, MoT and UGC.

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Prof. Alok Sharma Director B. Architecture, M. Tech. (PHE & Environmental Engineering) Ph.D.
2 Prof. S. K. Lenka Professor – Tourism Ph.D. (Business Administration), M.A, PGDTM
3 Prof. Sutheeshna Babu S. Professor – Tourism & Nodal Officer, IITTM (NIWS), Goa M.A. (Geo), Tourism Statistics (WTO), M.Phil. (JNU), Ph.D.
4 Prof. Monika Prakash Professor – Business Studies Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Finance), M.Com.
5 Dr. Pawan Gupta Associate Professor– Tourism & Nodal Officer – IITTM NOIDA; Controller of Examinations and Co-Chairman-PhD Programme MTM, PhD, MDP-ASCI, Malaysia, Singapore; WFTGA Certified Trainer for Guides; APO Certified Trainer for Agri Tourism
6 Dr. M.S. Hussain Associate Professor-Tourism & Nodal Officer, IITTM Bhubaneswar Ph.D., M.T.A., Basic Cargo (AISC)
7 Dr. Saurabh Dixit Associate Professor - Information Technology & Nodal officer, IITTM Gwalior BE, MBA, PGDPM, MA, Ph.D.
8 Dr. Adyasha Das Associate Professor-Business Studies Ph.D. (Business Administration), M.A (Sociology), PGDBM (XIMB)
9 Dr. Sandeep Kulshreshtha Faculty – Tourism & Management Ph.D.; M.Phil.; M. Com. (Gold Medalist)
10 Mr. D.C. Soni Assistant Professor - Information Technology MSc.( Computer Sc*), PGDTHM, B.E (COmputer Engg.), CTO (HCIMA, UK) Certified Trainer (Tourism)-SATS Colombo
11 Mrs. Sareeta Pradhan Assistant Professor- Information Technology Ph.D*, MCA, M.Phil(Comp.Sc)
12 Dr. Soumendra Nath Biswas Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Business Administration (Tourism), MTM, UGC NET & JRF
13 Dr. Rinzing Lama Assistant Professor MATM (BHU), UGC-NET/JRF
14 Dr. Shailja Sharma Assistant Professor Tourism Ph.D., MBA (Tourism), MBA (Marketing), UGC-NET& JRF
15 Dr. S. Meera Assistant Professor - International Business Nodal Officer, IITTM Nellore M.Phil (Economics), M.A. (Economics), UGC-NET
16 Dr. Chandra Shekhar Barua Assistant Professor- Tourism Studies M.T.A., UGC-NET, Basic Cargo (AISC), Ph.D. (Tourism)
17 Mrs. Nanita Tyagi Assistant Professor- International Business MIBM, Certificate in French
18 Dr. Deepa Shrivastava Assistant Professor M.Phil, UGC NET
19 Dr. Ramesh C. Devrath Assistant Professor Ph.D., MBA (Marketing)
20 Dr. Charu Sheela Yadav Assistant Professor Ph. D., M.T.M.
21 Dr. P. Saravanan Assistant Professor MBA., M. Phil., P. hD
22 Shri Sanjeev Reddy CK Assistant Professor MBA ( Tourism)-Gold Medalist, UGC-NET
23 Ms. Ranu Chauhan Assistant Professor MBA (TT)
24 Dr. Aditi Choudhary Assistant Professor Ph.D., MTM, UGC-NET
25 Dr. Ankita Devnath Assistant Professor MBA (TT), IITTM , UGC-NET
26 Shri Vishal Keshri Assistant Professor M.Phil (MKU)
27 Mr. Amit Tiwari Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing); MBA (TA); UGC-NET; Diploma in French Proficiency
28 Shri N. Subramaniam Assistant Professor MTA
29 Dr. Ravinder Dogra Assistant Professor Ph.D., MTM, NET-JRF
30 Dr. Kamakshi Maheshwari Assistant Professor MBA (T.A.) Jiwaji University ,Ph.D( HERITAGE TOURISM) Jiwaji University
31 Dr. Jeet Dogra Assistant Professor Ph. D. (Tourism Management); MTM (Gold Medalist); UGC - NET & JRF; PGDCA; PGDM; PGDMM; Practicing Marketing Research (IIM Lucknow – NOIDA Campus); OEC – AHA, USA.
32 Shri Ramakrishna Kongalla Assistant Professor MBA- Tourism UGC-NET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)
33 Shri R. Abilash Assistant Professor MBA ( Pondicherry University)
34 Shri Prashant Udaya Kumar Assistant Professor MTA, UGC-NET, Ph.D (pursuing)
35 Shri Rukunuddin Mohammad Khusro Assistant Professor MTM
36 Dr. Swajan B. Assistant Professor MTM, M.Phil. , UGC-NET, Ph.D