Ms. Prachee Gaur

Founder | CEO of Remarkable Education

About Ms. Prachee Gaur

Prachee Gaur is the Founder and CEO of Remarkable Education, which was born out of her vision to create one of the leading education service providers of its kind in India. RE was born as her project that is aimed at providing distinguished education at both school and university level. Prior to establishing RE, Prachee worked as Executive Creative Director for IP Brand Ltd., Coventry, UK and also has expertise in Brand Management, Market Research, Client servicing, Strategic management etc. Prachee is known for her creative thinking skills and mentored various students to come up with innovative solutions to their key life problems.

She has also served at premier institutes across the globe such as the University of Birmingham UK, IIT, NIFT and JD Institute of art and Design in India. Her profound exposure and experience in this domain has led her to contribute to the educational system where students are heard and given equal opportunity to learn and prosper. With the strong belief that ‘the students are the building blocks of the future and need to radiate from inside out with both EQ and IQ, Prachee strives to make her convictions a strong foundation for the current education system.